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Care of the Elderly

Care for the elderly is a matter of reassurance, and Flackwoods are well placed to advise you in relation to this rapidly developing area of law.

To alleviate the concerns of families over the provision of long-term care, there are a number of measures which can be put in place to protect assets and ensure appropriate funds will be available when needed.

Planning and putting into action care of the elderly can be complicated and prone to misunderstanding. Common questions include whether care will be funded by the NHS or by the Local Authority or by a combination of the two, whether a person’s house has to be sold.

How we can help

Flackwoods Solicitors will advise you through the various primary and secondary legislation and procedures to ensure that the person in need claims everything they are entitled to.

Local authorities should contribute to nursing home/residential home costs if a person’s capital is under the financial threshold applicable at the time. If a person’s capital is above it the resident must pay the full fees. However it is important to seek advice relating to which benefits are means tested and which are not.

Some disputes with local authorities can be avoided by seeking advice before disposing of assets whether by sale, gift or other method.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are very important when dealing with care for the elderly and Flackwoods will advise you as to what safeguards you should have in place to protect your nearest and dearest and to make things simpler for them.

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