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How to avoid a contentious probate debate

Contentious Probate Debate
It is always a sensitive time when a loved one passes away which can become more harrowing and delicate if family members or dependents then seek to contest the will. People can experience shock and anger if the deceased wishes are unexpected which can lead to arguments and protracted
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Leaving money to charity in your Will

Giving a gift to charity in your Will
If charity is close to your heart and you’re a keen fundraiser, you may be considering leaving a portion of your assets to a worthy cause of charities in your Will after you die. You wouldn’t be the only one; according to studies, around 43% of Brits would consider leaving
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The challenge with testamentary capacity and Dementia

Old man sat in a cafe
In a recent article shared by STEP, the issue of will writing, Dementia and testamentary capacity was brought to light. The case of Doris Harris highlighted the “grey area” that testamentary capacity can throw up and how Dementia can bring forth issues and arguments against wills. In
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A guide to joint property ownership after death

House keys on surface
It’s a known fact that a property, be it a family home or business investment, can be owned by more than one person in what is known as joint ownership. In most cases, married or cohabiting couples will own the home jointly to reflect equal contribution to the mortgage and maint
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Reasons to make a will

Writing a Will
Writing a will is not obligatory and is often a task that people put off. It can prove stressful, time consuming and is, in general, a rather morbid subject. However, the repercussions of dying without leaving a valid will can be problematic and can ultimately leave your loved ones in
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What does an Executor of a Will do?

Becoming the executor of someone’s will and estate can be a daunting prospect. It’s an honour but can also be a burden, particularly if you’ve not got a good understanding of what your new role entails. At Flackwoods, we’ve years of experience at helping people
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Your Legal New Year Resolutions

  First things first: Happy New Year from Flackwoods Solicitors! We hope you had a wonderful festive break and are settling into 2016 well. Now that we are well and truly into the new year, we’ve no doubt that many of you are looking at resolutions for the year ahead. One of the
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How to contest a will: the do’s and dont’s

Contesting a will is a complicated and sensitive issue but it’s a challenge that many people are faced with after a loved one has died. The act of disputing a will is where relatives and/or dependants feel they have not received enough (or perhaps anything at all) after a loved one’s
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How to obtain Power of Attorney for elderly parents

Whilst growing old gracefully, it’s important to obtain a Power of Attorney agreement for the future when you might not be able to make decisions yourself. But what happens if your parent is already ill but never got round to organising a POA? It can be a horrible and stressful time h
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When is the best time to write a will?

Will writing
At Flackwoods, we often get asked questions along the line of; “Am I too young to write a will? Or, ”when should I be writing a will?” A will can be written at any age after 18; however, it’s often certain circumstances that trigger the need or want to write a will. These are often sp
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