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Review of 2017

As we welcome in 2018 we take a look back at the news and information Flackwoods bought you in 2017. This ranged from Wills and Power of Attorney to passing on the family business and inheritance tax. Wills Here at Flackwoods we advise and write Wills for many of our clients. We recom
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Why you should write your will in 2018

Write your Will
Around 60% of the UK adult population haven’t put their final wishes into writing according to a recent survey by Unbiased.co.uk. Most of us are aware that it is something we should do, however, the majority of us let the year pass without taking any action. This could be because we d
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Who can inherit if there is no will?

Last Will and testament
If you pass away without leaving a will there is a strict set of rules for deciding how your property is shared out. These are known as the rules of intestacy and only married or civil partners and some other close relatives can inherit under these rules. The rules of intestacy In Eng
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Fascinating facts about writing wills

Writing a will isn’t the easiest of tasks but it is one of the most important things we must do. However, it seems like the majority of UK adults don’t realise just how important it is. Have you got your will in order? Or are you one of the 59%?  
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Keeping the business in the family

If you run a family business you may well want to keep it in the family when you pass on. This can be a complex and tricky field to navigate so it’s important to seek professional advice to ensure everything is in order from a legal perspective. It’s key to discuss succession planning
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What is your role as Executor of a Will?

Executor of a will
Research has shown one in five people only find out they are an Executor of a friend or relative’s Will once the person has passed away. A fifth of Executors are advised prior to the person passing away but only once the Will has been written and it’s too late to say no. What is your
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New Year New Will

Did you know the UK Government recommends you review your Will every five years or after a major life change? If you haven’t checked yours since it was written then the start of a new year is a good time to do so. So what should you be reviewing within your Will. Provisions for Childr
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What to do next when someone passes on

Passes on
It’s understandably a difficult and emotional time when someone passes away but what of the practicalities that need to be carried out? There is a process that needs to be worked through when this happens to ensure that matters are conducted properly and in accordance with the law. If
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​What to think about when writing your will

Writing your will
Preparing to write your will is a daunting prospect and it involves a lot of time and consideration. It can’t be a decision made on a whim, it requires you to think long term and carefully prioritise how you assign your valuables, such as property and heirlooms. Due to the significanc
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How to avoid a contentious probate debate

Contentious Probate Debate
It is always a sensitive time when a loved one passes away which can become more harrowing and delicate if family members or dependents then seek to contest the will. People can experience shock and anger if the deceased wishes are unexpected which can lead to arguments and protracted
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