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Choosing A Power Of Attorney

power of attorney
A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document allowing someone to act on your behalf and make decisions for you if you cannot do this yourself or no longer want to. You can have one for your personal welfare and another for your property and financial affairs if you wish. Our previo
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Review of 2017

As we welcome in 2018 we take a look back at the news and information Flackwoods bought you in 2017. This ranged from Wills and Power of Attorney to passing on the family business and inheritance tax. Wills Here at Flackwoods we advise and write Wills for many of our clients. We recom
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Why you need a Power of Attorney

power of attorney
Did you know every three minutes someone develops dementia in the UK and 42,000 people under the age of 65 have dementia? With statistics like these on the increase, it’s important to know you and your affairs would be taken care of by someone you know and trust if you did not have th
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Keeping the business in the family

If you run a family business you may well want to keep it in the family when you pass on. This can be a complex and tricky field to navigate so it’s important to seek professional advice to ensure everything is in order from a legal perspective. It’s key to discuss succession planning
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​What to think about when writing your will

Writing your will
Preparing to write your will is a daunting prospect and it involves a lot of time and consideration. It can’t be a decision made on a whim, it requires you to think long term and carefully prioritise how you assign your valuables, such as property and heirlooms. Due to the significanc
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Your Legal New Year Resolutions

  First things first: Happy New Year from Flackwoods Solicitors! We hope you had a wonderful festive break and are settling into 2016 well. Now that we are well and truly into the new year, we’ve no doubt that many of you are looking at resolutions for the year ahead. One of the
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A guide to acting as an attorney for someone else

power of attorney
Being appointed as someone’s attorney can be a daunting prospect. After all, the role of an attorney requires you to make decisions about someone else’s money, health and wellbeing; all in all, a rather big part to play in someone’s life. Here’s a guide as to s
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How to obtain Power of Attorney for elderly parents

Whilst growing old gracefully, it’s important to obtain a Power of Attorney agreement for the future when you might not be able to make decisions yourself. But what happens if your parent is already ill but never got round to organising a POA? It can be a horrible and stressful time h
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